Just like it says, I am becoming” Fitter💪Healthier🧘‍♀️Happier😁

My name is Stephanie, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

First I’d like to say thank you for reading my story, and my name is Stephanie from Wisconsin.

My journey started when I found out I had thyroid cancer in 2016. Sure I was told “if your going to get cancer that’s the one to get”. But still, it’s the big C word and you don’t want to hear it or have it period. What should have been after surgery, a 1 night recovery as stated turned into 15 nights. I literally almost died, organs started shutting down, couldn’t breathe on my own and was in the ICU for awhile. I had to be rehabilitated before I could leave. This was especially hard with a 6 & 7 year old. I even had to have radiation and be away from them for 5 days. Still to this day I am still being watched on it.

I was introduced to Zip and so thankful I was by my friend Andrea.

It has helped me in so many ways. After my surgery I was not feeling confident or able to lose weight, I gained so much for awhile.

With Zip I have lost 10lbs the first 2 weeks and an additional 2 lbs in the 3rd week.

I sleep better and my mood is extremely much more elevated and happier.

I would never give this up, it has made me come a long way in the best way. I cry as write this, I’ve tried so many things, but this is my lifesaver!

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Before to Beyond Stories