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My name is Shelby, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Shelby Snow, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

When I first learned about Beyond Slim, I knew right away that I had to give it a try! My health has improved in a multitude of ways over the last six weeks since adding ZipSlim into my diet. My mood is so much more pleasant because I am able to think more critically which allows me to be more patient with others. I can also testify to the products ability to move the scale as well as reduce clothing size. However, the most drastic change I have been able to make through this entire experience is in my relationship with food and that my friends means more to me than all of the benefits in the world!

You see I use to be the girl who…
– would eat her feelings.
– stop at the local Donut shop EVERY morning for iced coffee.
– was completely obsessed with Coca-Cola from McDonald’s.
– skipped meals simply because I was disgusted with my body!

During that time, I was completely unwilling to change my diet, implement exercise, and I definitely wasn’t going to purchase any kind of supplements. Looking back on it now I am truly grateful that I decided to stop living that way. When I first began my health and wellness journey, I was trying to do it all on my own. I struggled for a really long time and eventually my flame was burnt out.

That all changed for me when I found out about this amazing company, Beyond Slim, and their powerful products! It came as no surprise to me that they truly work! I can only begin to imagine the magnitude and expertise that went into the creation of this beautiful work of art and it will never seize to amaze me.

When you make a purchase here, they don’t just hop in and out of your inbox dropping off a receipt! This is so much more than a product purchase. You are beginning a health and wellness journey in which you are provided with the proper recipes, guides, workouts, and a support system that goes above and beyond to help you succeed!

It’s still kind of unreal to think that I finally found what I thought would never exist.

Here you have the same exact opportunity as anyone else and I highly encourage you to take it!

Begin to go Beyond with me so you can see the difference for yourself!

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