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My name is Sarah, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Sarah and I’m on week 3 and I really love how easy this is. I’m successfully fasting properly, my mood is amazing and I’m overall so so happy I found a good drink my psychiatrist approves.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2016 and I take a strict regimen of medications to stay in remission. I have to be careful with natural things. I’ve also struggled since I reached my 30s to lose weight. I don’t need to lose alot but even the 10lbs I need off had become impossible. My BP1 medications don’t help me when it comes to this. In fact, most bipolar drugs lead to weight gain.

I love the taste which is hard to find with me. Usually drinks have a gross aftertaste, or are bitter when they contain vitamins, but I don’t feel this way with zip. I love the vitamins I’m getting, many which my psych recommends like magnesium, b12, vitamin D… and I’m really happy to have found something that is suited for me.

I learned about beyond slim from my colleague Rachel. I knew if Rachel liked it… I needed to try it too.

What I noticed first before Weightloss was mood. The ashwaganda and other vitamins and supplements helped me feel happier, more productive and stable.

I’m starting to get reviews from friends and family and they love the taste and the results.

If you are yo-yo dieting with minimal results, stink at taking in enough water and nutrients, want to feel better and look better, give beyond slim a try. There’s nothing to lose other than your old self!

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Before to Beyond Stories