Best Weight Loss Product Ever.

My name is Ray, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Going through Covid, I started to put on the pounds and fell into the routine of poor habits. Breyers ice cream buy one get one free was a no-brainer, but it did not help. Cooking Pizza on my new Pizza oven almost every day was also the beginning of the end. The weight started to increase, including my waist line. The mirror was not my friend.

I received a phone call from my friend Joy and told her I needed to find something to stop the nonsense. I was willing to try ZipSlim in conjunction with a system that encouraged a ritual of great habits.

When it arrived in the mail I went to try it thinking it would taste nasty and disgusting, like most weight loss supplements, and I was ready to hold my nose as I approached the glass. To my surprise the taste was excellent.

Living in South Florida where the temperature is always hot, I decided to add some ice and it was refreshing. Soon after my pants started to fit and I could button shirts that I have not put on for years.

I started around 220lbs and just hit 198! I have not experienced south of 200lbs in many years and thanks to Beyond Slim and ZipSlim (with the help of my great coach Joy) I’m there!

I encourage everyone who needs to lose a little weight or a lot to give ZipSlim a try.

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Before to Beyond Stories