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My Confidence Builder

My name is Reneissa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Reneissa and this is my story. I struggled for years losing and maintaining weight. I would try so many diets, groups, even a gym. I couldn’t stick with it. It was dull, boring, and expensive to buy their programs and food.

I sat on the fence watching everyone’s testimonies until I finally took the plunge. I was tired of being disgusted with myself and no confidence. I was miserable. So I tried a free sample and was hooked. I then ordered my Subscribe & Save ZipSlim.

I am forever grateful for ZipSlim as it not only helped me lose weight but also improved my overall health.

I had foot pain so bad I could barely walk- now gone!

I could not sleep without a sleeping aid- now sleeping soundly!

I feel fresh, energized, happier, able to stay focused, and appetite for sweets curbed tremendously.

My journey has been life changing! It’s hard putting into words how I feel. The energy I have, my health is so much better. I’m not sluggish, not binge-eating, I strive to do and be better. I needed the accountability, the confidence in myself. This has helped me in more ways than just weight loss.

Thank you Beyond Slim!

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