My Family of 4 is Miserable No More!

My name is Lisa, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Have you ever been so exhausted from pain-filled sleepless nights that you dreaded the sunrise?

Have you ever felt so discouraged that you were nearly hopeless that things could ever change for the better?

Have you ever been so disappointed in yourself for lacking the energy to enjoy your family and your life that you regularly reminded yourself you were an epic failure?

Have you ever stared at your shiny new bicycle and been terrified to take it for a spin because you felt too heavy and unbalanced to risk riding and face possible injuries?

I could have answered all of those questions with a resounding YES just 3 short months ago. That is exactly how I felt, when I finally stopped cyber-stalking my friend Sarah and decided to have a heart to heart chat about my situation to see if what she was experiencing could possibly be my answer to my own heartfelt prayers for HELP!

I had been watching her social media posts all of last year, praying for her son after his horrific motorcycle accident. Just before Christmas, I started noticing a shift from stress-filled requests for prayers for her son, to celebrating her newfound solution for turning her own health around… it was so exciting, and I was truly happy for her, but also scared to get my hopes up that ANYTHING could work for my situation. I’m so glad I finally got brave enough to reach out and ask for her to share her secret and become my Coach.

Within the very first month I noticed…

  • A huge decrease in pain
  • A huge increase in how much I could walk
  • A dramatic improvement in my sleep quality
  • So much energy I felt 10 years younger
  • The hopeless feelings turned upside down and instead I felt better than HOPEFUL; I felt certain of my new simple delicious “Golden Miracle” and the practical 9 Reboot Rituals felt easy and enjoyable!


As a 2nd grade teacher, I’m required to be on my feet and MOVING nearly all day long. I was actually considering a major surgery to be able to face another school year, but now, thanks to ZipSlim® I’m actually looking forward to moving around my classroom and enjoying my students on the playground next year, because I will be able to keep up with them without being in agony due to the extra weight I was carrying.

My top 3 Gratitudes so far are:

  1. My adult son was so impressed with my results, he enrolled as a Customer with me for Mother’s Day so we could create better health & enjoy being physically active TOGETHER! He works at the local bike shop and is so excited that we will soon be riding together.
  2. My adult daughter went to a doctor’s appointment with me and reported that she “hadn’t seen Mom this happy in a very long time” – to which the Dr. responded that I should keep on doing whatever I had changed because it was clearly a positive new direction! By the way, my daughter recently joined my son & I for her own Zip experience!
  3. My participation in our daily check-ins and weekly Reboot Group Connection Call kept me focused on staying consistent and always choosing Progress over Perfection, while feeling the love and support from both brand new and dearly beloved friends. The encouragement and safe place to share the journey made me feel I was never alone and that I could absolutely keep moving towards my goals with confidence!

My results so far show I’ve melted off 17 pounds of unwanted “fluff” and my clothes are literally sliding off and ready to be donated to someone who is THAT size, because I’m going on a brand new fitter, happier, healthier path!

The other teachers at school are asking me what in the world I’m doing to have so much energy and melt before their very eyes… and I’m thrilled to share my simple secret! It hasn’t been instant, and I’m already launched into my second 90 days of transformation, but I’m confident that I have established solid healthy habits that will bring me to my very best possible health!

As if all of these wonderful improvements weren’t enough, let the fireworks BEGIN: My husband (aka the Couch Grouch) just decided to leap on the Zip Train with us as a BIG surprise July 4th – so I want to thank Ray and Dr. Drucker for creating such a delicious way to help my entire family of four be miserable no more!!!

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