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My name is Lucyann, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Lucyann and before I found Beyond Slim, my life was a yoyo. I’d try eating healthier and would fail. I did a popular diet and lost 44 pounds only to stop following the app and gaining all the weight back. So when I saw my daughter doing ZipSlim, I thought, here we go again, another scheme. But as I watched her, I was totally blown away. Especially when she told me she had not even changed her eating habits.

I signed myself and my husband up and here we are 25 days later, doing wonderfully on our journey.

The main reason I even started this was because my husband had some significant health challenges. We started doing a low-carb diet along with our ZipSlim lemonade and so far, after 25 days, my husband is down to 14 pounds. I am also down to 16 pounds. Our energy levels are through the roof. We sleep better. Our minds are clear, no more brain fog. It’s truly a miracle between our diet and drinking ZipSlim lemonade. It’s truly a miracle as I know if we did this without the lemonade we would’ve failed, like so many times before. Can’t wait to go back and have my blood drawn next month to see exactly what this lemonade is doing for my health.

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Before to Beyond Stories