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My name is Shannon, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Shannon Langley. I’m a travel nurse from Southern Oklahoma! My story is about a middle aged woman(53) going through menopause and hurting in my hips so bad I was crying at night! No energy and a middle age spread!

Sadly I deleted the before picture and and I only have the 11lbs loss in 4.5weeks!

I want to brag on the ENERGY though and the MENTAL focus! It’s like I came out of a zapped energy brain fog! MY MOODS are so much better and I get stuff done! No jittery feelings and my SLEEP is so much better! I am not a sales person! But I’m passionate about people trying this!

Today two people asked me “how much weight have you lost?” Yay! Lemonade look at us! What great team mates we are! My hips have felt SO MUCH better! I absolutely want everyone to try our product!

My cousin signed me up! I was desperate for energy and focus!

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Before to Beyond Stories