Sluggish to Amazing!

My name is Rebecca, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Rebecca, and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I was feeling very sluggish with no energy at all, taking naps during the day. I was also depressed, stressed out, with severe IBS to the point of not eating much, and not sleeping well at night. I didn’t like how I looked and got so depressed and self conscious about how I look so I covered up with baggy shirts or hoodies all the time. I had increased blood pressure, a harder time doing daily chores, and got tired quickly.

A friend of mine introduced me to Beyond Slim and I’m very thankful she did. My blood pressure has gone back to normal. A lot of changes for the better too health-wise. I like that I am not bloated anymore. The Reboot Rituals helped teach me healthy living and kept me accountable. I sleep a lot better, my gut is back to normal, I’m not feeling down or stressed, and I no longer take naps during the day. I have energy all day and get so much more done around the house. I feel better about myself.

They have noticed that I lost weight and am a lot happier. If you haven’t tried Beyond Slim, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. So many more benefits besides just weight loss. It’s also very tasty and provides amazing results.

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