Stepping into the Limelight. No more Trying to Hide.

My name is Donna, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

In late December, being a very stressful year that it was, I gained back some of the weight I had previously lost. If you’re like me and feel your clothes getting tighter and tighter, it’s time to do something!!!!!!! I definitely had tried several products over the years. After a while, they just do not seem to work anymore.

So, I had been noticing some posts my friend Joy had been posting on Social Media of two of our other friends, Sarah and Mitzi. I contacted Joy to see what these two beautiful ladies had found!

What was so wonderful was to see their amazing journeys. Joy explained to me that they had just flipped a switch,and started their Metabolic Reboot™ Program! I decided to join them in December of 2020 with my friend Joy!

It is not weight loss, it is a change in your Metabolic System, following 9 awesome Reboot Rituals. It begins with an awesome blackberry lemonade drink, which is best used 30 to 60 minutes before you eat, prior to two of your daily meals. Also, by following these 9 Reboot Rituals, I am officially down 15 pounds and 11.5 inches since December 2020.

You begin to feel a boost in your energy, sleep better, and feeling healthier…. It’s AMAZING!!!!

I have so many other friends to cheer me on. You are not by yourself. Your friends are here to help you succeed in this journey. To Cheer You On To Meet Your Goals.

I know we all get into life experiences that sometimes we have no control over. Believe me, myself and my family have experienced several of them…. At that time, you just have to give it all to God to get you through. I know that we all always give everything to God. There are times we need him in our lives even more.

Our health is one thing that we do have control over. It is up to us (ourself). I know that life can be stressful beyond belief. Sometimes we feel like everything is rush, rush…. Sometimes we have to slow down and focus on ourselves.

My NEXT goal weight is to reach 150 pounds again. I am heading in that direction….

Even though I am not at my goal weight yet I know that the slower the weight comes off it is more likely to stay off and NOT come back. Change in lifestyle. #rebootrituals

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Before to Beyond Stories