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The Mama I’ve Always Wanted To Be

My name is Julianna, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I was overstimulated all the time and had no energy to do anything with my kids. I was more frustrated and kept yelling more than I’d like to admit. I was always so tired when I woke up and couldn’t wait for bedtime before my feet even hit the floor in the morning. My kids didn’t deserve it. I needed to make a change.

Wow, has Beyond Slim changed my life. It has given me my life back. It has allowed me to be the mom I have always wanted to be. I wake up energized and well-rested. I have more motivation and energy to do things with my kids. My kids are happier because I am happier. There is no more yelling or overstimulation. I have even noticed a change in my kids’ behavior because I am not constantly frustrated. I will never go a day without ZipSlim or ZipBOOM. My life has forever been changed.

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