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My name is Joy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Joy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story.

I never got hungry because I was always eating. I eat because I’m happy, sad, socializing, bored or just all the time. Mostly snacking all day. I was embarrassed because I am so fat and out of shape. I didn’t sleep well and was always tired. My surgeon wanted me to lower my BMI before surgery as well.

My longtime friend. Lisa Dinkel introduced me to Zip Slim.

She has been such an awesome example of how it can change your life. I love all the encouragement from the post and the great info you get from Beyond Slim.

I was able to get my BMI down and had my surgery in November. I did have to stop Zip Slim for a few weeks. I was concerned that I would gain weight while I wasn’t drinking it but I maintained.

Since drinking zip slim I no longer want to constantly eat. I also am enjoying healthier eating without feeling deprived. I sleep better and feel better in general. My friends and family have noticed that I am losing weight and encourage me along my journey. I am glad to part of something that really is making a difference in many peoples lives in so many ways.

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