Zipping Into a Healthy Me!

My name is Tanya, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Living a healthy lifestyle was something I had never really thought about. I was always somewhat thinner, except for my “belly baby fat” (we can still call it that when the baby is 21, right?) and I grew up in a home where eating healthy or exercising were never a topic. What I didn’t realize is that those days were numbered…

As a single mom we were constantly on the go. Those fast meals between appointments and those beers in the evening to unwind staring slowly sticking with me. Not only was I visually noticing it, but physically I felt plain frumpy! Never mind the stress of life! Phew, that alone was an addition of pounds, sleepless nights, anxiety etc. I just didn’t stop long enough to recognize it all.

Then, just over a year ago, I lost my father to some pretty serious health conditions. While that was hard enough, I then found out I had some of the same health issues as my father and I knew then I had to make changes… I couldn’t put it off any longer, and if I wanted to be here for my own granddaughter for years to come I was going to have to learn about a healthier me.

My dear cousin Mitzi introduced me to ZipSlim® right after the new year and the timing was perfect! I had already started making some changes to my diet by cutting out sugars and somewhat following a low carb, high protein diet. I had also purchased a treadmill!

Then I got my first ZipSlim® delivery, enjoyed my first of many yummy golden juices, started my Metabolic Reboot program and 9 Reboot Rituals faithfully & haven’t looked back!

I am learning so much with the Think T.H.I.N diet, I am LOVING water, and I exercise daily! I even ran on the treadmill… on purpose! Go Me!

I am down 18 pounds, and 4 inches have melted off my midsection! My energy is up and my anxiety is down!!

I am beyond grateful for ZipSlim® and for the amazing support and encouragement from the Coaches and other users! I look forward to this continued journey and truly hope others are able to realize what a wonderful opportunity we all have in living a better life!

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Before to Beyond Stories