Looking Beyond

My name is Lori, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I had a health crisis from December, 2019 that had me taking many medications. I had never felt worse. I needed my strength and endurance built back up. I was introduced to Beyond Slim® by a friend at just the right time.

As the end of my first Reboot 66™ neared, I began to contemplate if was I fitter, healthier or happier…

I am fitter as I’ve increased my daily workout to nearly an hour. I am happier thanks to the product.

But I’ve decided that the biggest benefit is that I’m healthier due to all the benefits of the premium ingredients. My sole purpose at the beginning was to lose weight. I realized after two months that wasn’t going to happen as I have been on 3 different steroids twice a day for health issues for over a year.

But I’ve continued doing all 9 Reboot Rituals faithfully, knowing that I am helping my body fight Metabolic Overload.

And once I’m off the steroids in July, my switch will be flipped due to taking my ZipSlim®. So I am looking beyond for my end results of weight loss!

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Before to Beyond Stories