Congratulations to our First Reboot 66™ Grand Experience Winners!

Congratulations to our First Reboot 66™ Grand Experience Winners!

Celebrating Mitzi Appodaca, David Joyce, and Sarah Cranston for their Reboot 66™ results!

Beyond Slim® recently crowned its first Reboot 66™ Grand Experience winners, highlighting 3 people who followed the company’s Metabolic Reboot™ program and used the revolutionary product ZipSlim® to become Fitter, Healthier, and Happier.

The science-backed ingredients in ZipSlim® are designed to help you “Flip the Switch” and activate the enzyme AMPK, your body’s master metabolic switch. This helps you defeat Metabolic Overload, the root cause of mid-life weight gain and a key reason why over 190 million Americans are suffering the effect of being overweight or obese.

The Metabolic Reboot™ program was designed to help you build healthy habits to keep that switch flipped “ON”, and help you break the cycle of failed health fads and finally achieve real, lasting results.

Reboot 66™ – Rewarding your Fitter, Healthier, Happier Story

Studies show that sticking with something for 66 days helps it become a habit, and there’s no better habit than making healthier lifestyle choices.

That’s why Beyond Slim® rewards those who complete 66 days on the Metabolic Reboot™ with fabulous prizes 4 times a year.

Everybody who enters to win earns a free Reboot 66™ T-Shirt to celebrate their success.

Among those entries, 3 winners who have the most inspiring Fitter, Healthier, Happier results are chosen as Grand Experience winners, and given their choice of a $1,000 Vacation/Staycation or a $1,000 new clothes shopping spree!

See and celebrate our winners below, and check back for more updates from their Grand Experience rewards!

Mitzi Appodaca

“Release what no longer serves you and create that new story!”
23 pounds and 18 inches lost
PLUS benefits like smooth, sustained, all-day energy, better craving and appetite control, and increased confidence and radiance!

David Joyce

“This has been a remarkable journey, and I’m not done yet!”
15 pounds lost
PLUS benefits like suppressed cravings, improved energy levels, and the ability to exercise at least 30 minutes every day!

Sarah Cranston

“From tired and stressed, to energized and blessed… I traded being hangry for being HAPPY!”
34 pounds lost, 6 clothing sizes down
PLUS benefits like increased energy, confidence, and seeing how proud her sons are of their mom!

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