Check In With Your Coach or Buddy Every Day – Reboot Ritual #9

Check In With Your Coach or Buddy Every Day – Reboot Ritual #9

Beyond Slim’s Metabolic Reboot® program helps you get fitter, healthier and happier with our 9 Reboot Rituals – simple daily habits for lasting success.

Like this one, Check in with Your Coach or Buddy Every Day.

Having a buddy helps in numerous ways; by holding you accountable, by being understanding, by making the challenge fun, and by being someone to celebrate your success with!

Every High School, Professional, Elite, Olympic athlete has a Coach. All of the most successful entrepreneurs even have a Coach or Mentor. 

Researchers from Brown University Medical School even found that people with at least 1 support buddy were more successful at losing weight than those who tried to do it alone.

Having a support system of accountability means that you are not alone. Someone is there to cheer you on with your success, and to provide reassurance on those days when you really need it. It’s easier to pass on that sugary treat when you know you’re going to be talking to your Coach that day and every day.

Need a buddy? We recommend you work closely with the Coach who introduced you to Beyond Slim®. Your Coach is there to support you all the way. Your Coach may even be able to connect you with one of our Reboot Groups™ for daily accountability and community – the more the merrier! 

Remember to check in each day with your Coach or buddy and let them know how you’re doing with a phone call, text or on social media. Let them know how many of the 9 Reboot Rituals you did that day and ask them how they did!

Check In With Your Coach or Buddy Every Day – Reboot Ritual #9
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