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My name is Catina, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Catina Hinton-Finch, and this is my Before to Beyond Story. Over the years I have gained weight and had other health challenges. Feeling tired, bloated, mentally exhausted, and unsure of what was going on with me. In August 2020, I was told I had to have surgery ASAP. I had no idea that I had an issue until then, but I knew something was not right with me. I went and had a second opinion, and they also said yes, I needed surgery.

For someone that never had surgery, I was shocked and scared. But I was relieved that I finally knew what was going on with me. With this news, I didn’t realize that I was eating more than normal (pic #1-weight over 200 pounds). I had surgery in November 2020, and everything went well but had some issues.

Fast forward to March 2022, went to ER (I was made to go, LOL ) and was told, “Mrs. Finch, we are admitting you, and you have to have emergency surgery.” I am terrified at this point. I was admitted, then the doctor told me, “All your levels are so high now. We have to do two surgeries, one surgery on one day, then another one on the next day.”

Both surgeries went well, but I was at my heaviest. After all that, I decided I had to make some changes.

My husband Calvin started on the product, and I saw his results. I asked my husband more about Zipslim and the rituals. From there, I started the product and went down to 179.4 pounds. So with all that said, one Zipslim per day and 20 mins of walking 3 days a week have helped me to come down to my current weight.

Taking this product, I had more energy, no bloating, and my mental state of mind was much better. I love the fact that this system is simple and easy, anyone can do it. I suggest BeyondSlim to everyone who says, “Catina, what are you doing?” I show them a packet and bottle of water and say, “Pour, shake and drink.”

To anyone that wants to make a change, try this product. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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