Feeling my feel better self!

My name is Nickie, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

I just felt “blah” all the time. I was tired, had no energy, and felt that especially after lunch every day. I was always concerned about the number the scale showed me!

Since being on ZipSlim® for about 6 months, I am amazed at the difference I FEEL. I no longer want to take a nap right after lunch, but instead, I am energized. I no longer turn to food because I feel hungry all the time. Now, when I open the refrigerator, it’s to get water! I’m no longer so concerned about the number the scale shows, because I know that no matter what that number is, it can’t change how I FEEL!

I am still awed how easy it is to drink ZipSlim® twice a day and feel the way I feel and get the amazing benefits I get!

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Before to Beyond Stories