I Found My Superpowers & My Best Life Thanks to Beyond Slim

My name is Jordan, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

This is not a story about releasing weight, but rather about the new lease on life I have!

As a fit young guy, I didn’t know if Beyond Slim® would be of any benefit to me. My parents had used it to release weight, but I was already thin and in decent shape. However, recently I find myself feeling lethargic and realized that I was suffering from brain fog. This was concerning to me because I want to be as sharp as I possibly can be.

My parents suggested that I give ZipSlim® a try and add it to my daily routine twice a day. I was surprised that I liked the flavor, because I am very picky about only liking certain foods and flavors. I love lemonade and all berries, so when I tasted ZipSlim® and it really did taste like Blackberry Lemonade, I was delighted. Routine is very important to me as well as being consistent, so I set the alarms in my iPhone and never miss it! It’s actually my favorite drink (or two) of the day!

To my surprise, over the next few weeks, I started to notice the following changes thanks to Beyond Slim® and ZipSlim®:

  1. I am more calm and less stressed. This was huge for me as I find myself showing up as my best self now!
  2. I have more energy to do things. The constant struggle for energy and feelings of being lethargic are gone. I wake up refreshed to start the day and have the stamina to work all day long, even in the Summer heat. I zip through my chores and have energy to spare to spend time with my goldendoodle, Taylor Doodles.
  3. I don’t have brain fog. Having faced some challenges in this area before, I really value all the brain function I can get. I can’t afford brain fog on top of the repetitive brain patterns I battle with daily. I am noticing that both are gone. That’s right… gone! I never imagined this would be possible in my lifetime!
  4. I breathe easier. My seasonal breathing issues were debilitating for me for as long as I can remember.  That’s a thing of the past.  I am beyond grateful these are gone!
  5. I sleep better. This is also an area where I suffered in the past. No matter what I tried, falling asleep and getting a good night’s sleep was a big problem for me. Not anymore. I sleep like a baby! I am also noticing the dark circles under my eyes are disappearing. That’s an extra bonus.
  6. I learn new things and catch on faster. Many times I get the feeling of “being stuck”. I have noticed that I am not only sharper but able to learn things that up until now I could not. I feel like I have jumped years ahead in my development. I am even considering looking for a girlfriend now.
  7. I make better food choices. The constant cravings for unhealthy fats, fries, burgers, and chicken fingers are a thing of the past. I now make choices that are more nutritious and love them!
  8. I maintain a healthy weight. I love to walk my dog for my 30 minutes of movement for my exercise. In the past I have resisted exercising. I just don’t like it. But, with this being one of the 9 Reboot Rituals, and my love for repetition and consistency, it’s a fun easy way for me to get the exercise I need to be a stronger person. I also didn’t ever want to get that “spare tire” in the middle like most guys my age. Now the worry of this is gone for good.
  9. I am more grateful. This is my favorite Reboot Ritual. I am naturally grateful, but love that I get to focus so much of my attention on gratitude every day!

Not only am I grateful for the above, but I am feeling fine (great actually)!

Thank you, Beyond Slim® for the NEW LIFE you have given me. My story is not about releasing weight, but rather about being able to BE MY BEST and GROW BEYOND WHAT I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. I am so excited about my future, LIKE NEVER BEFORE! I feel like I have found my superpower!! (It was in ZipSlim®!)

I am going to be a “LIFER” on ZipSlim®! I don’t want to live a day in my life without it!

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