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My name is CiCi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is CiCi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I am 53 years old, with almost every symptom one could have with menopause. The weight gain around my midsection, hot flashes, irritable mood, lack of sleep, and even shortness of breath when trying to unload groceries or go up steps, were wearing me down. I didn’t want to be in pictures and covered my body in loose clothing to hide my extra pounds. The fun, energetic woman I used to be was no longer staring at me in the mirror.

Our first grandbaby was born in June 2022. I really wanted a change so that I could be here to watch him grow, as well as play with him without getting tired. Plus, I wanted to find “me” again. I just needed the right boost of motivation. See, I had done this before. I knew all the right steps to a healthier lifestyle. I taught a cardio class at a local gym for 3 years up until March of 2022. The confidence I once had, was lost.

Two weeks before my birthday, a post from Tara popped into my newsfeed about this great-tasting lemonade, so I decided to try it. It was the best decision I had made in months regarding my health.

I began to document my journey on social media from the beginning because this was not like any product I had ever tried (and also to keep me accountable). The first thing that impressed me was the quick shipping. Next was how great Zipslim tasted!!! There is no artificial aftertaste and no jittery feeling from the caffeine. I drink charged during the day and non-caffeine with dinner. The nine Reboot Rituals helped keep me on the road to success. I now shoot for 8 hours of sleep, drink tons of water and track my food intake daily. I even joined the gym!

The benefits I have gained with ZipSlim have been game-changing. During the day, I am in a good mood (you can catch me dancing from time to time now), have fewer headache episodes, and have hot flashes/night sweats down to once a week now. I average 7-8 hours of sleep and no longer get winded with movement. My starting weight was 166.3, now I am 13 pounds lighter! I love the way my clothes fit today!

The compliments I receive from friends on how I look have elevated my self-esteem. I am finding the self-assurance to post pictures and wear clothing I prefer rather than hide the extra pounds. Each day I wake up grateful that I found a product that helped me find that crazy, confident gal inside!

I encourage anyone who is struggling with extra pounds or needs the boost to kick-start a healthier lifestyle to try Zipslim. The natural ingredients, wonderful flavor, and results are worth a shot!

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