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My name is Rhonda, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Rhonda, but I like going by Suzi, and this is my Before to Beyond Story.

I was a chunky little kid and grew up that way. I always got teased about my weight. I wasn’t overly obese, but I did have some extra blubber on me. It wasn’t until I got married and started having children that I really blew up and had a very hard time getting rid of the excess weight. I tried different diets but had no luck with anything. I just figured there was nothing for me to do about my weight. I ballooned to 100+ pounds extra on my body. I know I was really close to becoming a diabetic, but “knock on wood,” I never got to that point. I always felt tired and lazy. Even though I had a job and was on my feet all the time, I just felt sluggish. I knew being overweight put a toll on my knees. I now have knee pain and it could be very painful to walk up and down the stairs. Some days I find myself with my knee giving way. I just resigned myself to the fact that this was the way it was going to be.

I was on Facebook one day and saw a good friend post about a company called Beyond Slim, which intrigued me. I guess you might say a trigger went off inside me. So I called another friend and asked her if she had heard about it, or seen it at this friend’s post since this friend was a mutual friend to both of us. She said she saw it and signed up with this friend. I told her OK. I’m going to sign up with you because it sounds amazing and I need to do something about my weight.

That’s how it began. I am loving everything about ZipSlim and RS90, and the improvements both are showing me. I feel less bloated, and lost some weight and inches, but I still have a long way to go. I finally found something that worked. I love the taste, and the cravings have disappeared. I find myself not wanting second and third helpings at mealtime, even my first helping is less than what I usually eat. It’s hard for your family to notice changes, especially being around you daily. The best way to notice is the before and the during pictures. Putting them side-by-side, you can really see the difference and the improvements.

I will tell the world that this product is no joke, it works, and I am proof of it working. I will inspire others by teaching them what I’ve learned about the company and its products, and I would hold their hand and guide them through their journey.

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