Stella’s Got Her GROOVE Back

My name is Kaylee, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Kaylee Spivey and this is my ”Before to Beyond Story”. I began this journey two months ago as a mom of 4 who was sick and of feeling sick and tired. You know being depressed, tired, stressed, and overstimulated. I had my 4th baby girl and was barely a year postpartum when I started the journey. I wanted to take hold of my life. So I decided to take a chance on this viral lemonade. But here’s the thing, when I started this journey, I didn’t tell a SOUL!! Because I was tired of trying products that simply just didn’t work. Or I couldn’t be consistent. So I began the journey alone.

The first two weeks I didn’t feel much, if anything I felt tired and more hungry. But when I tell you a switch flipped, a SWITCH FLIPPED. All of a sudden I couldn’t drink sweet tea. It had become too sweet. My MOOD, SLEEP, STRESS, and appetite had taken a sudden leap. I noticed how happy I was and how excited to take my drink every morning. I no longer was stuffing myself until I was full, I had stopped rummaging through the pantry at night looking for sweets, and I was actually sleeping again. I also completed the full 30-day reboot. I had lost a total of 12 pounds and so much more in inches.

I learned about Beyond Slim from a friend I follow on Facebook, my girl Shelbi. I am just loving Zip Slim and now ZipBOOM (a total mental health game changer). This combo is a life changer. From losing weight to getting your mental clarity back. I love that I no longer crave sweets, I am sleeping again, I am no longer stuffing my face until I am uncomfortably full. I now choose foods that nourish my body, I stay hydrated and a morning walk is a MUST while listening to a good podcast. When I tell you these products have changed my life I mean it. I have tried every yo-yo diet and exercise program known to man and I could never lose the baby weight. It took my body over 2 years to balance out and start losing the weight. But when I started this baby, I was barely a year postpartum and the weight is MELTING off. I have to punch myself sometimes to see if this is reality. Every day I wake up, my clothes are fitting looser and my mood is on cloud 9. So if you are on the fence, this is your SIGN. DO IT. It will change your life. Because Stella has found her groove and you should too!!!!

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