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Tired Momma to FIT Momma

My name is Paden, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Paden and this is my “Before to Beyond” story. I’m a momma and stepmom to 4 kids in total and the word TIRED is an understatement. I had no energy for anything and I was also very moody and had a short fuse with everyone in my household. And my eating habits? AWFUL! My life was just blah.

I learned about Beyond Slim from a Facebook friend and the amazing results she was getting. I just had to order instantly!! I love the energy, slim waist, and my mood! My appetite is controlled and I’m thinking before I eat, my bloating is nonexistent. Friends and family have definitely noticed my changes inside and out, saying I look so good now and that I seem like a happier person! If you struggle with energy, weight, and depression like I did just take the leap for YOU! There’s nothing better than being in love with yourself. ❤️

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