Secret no more…it’s the real deal ♥️

My name is Kathleen, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…


My name is Kathleen Miller, I’m 56 years young, and my story begins in December of 2020 with a Doctor’s visit, which revealed high cholesterol and my heaviest weight ever! To be honest, I was very disappointed in myself. Diet and exercise is the answer he said. He was so right! I was so sluggish, lacked motivation, snacked on sweets and carbs all day!

I was ready for a healthier life so I contacted my sis-in-law Kim to find out more about this ZipSlim® drink.
She was dropping weight like crazy… too good to be true? To be honest, I was a skeptic… but after checking with someone I trusted about the ingredients, I decided to secretly give it a try.

Well, I was sure in for a real shocker 💥

I quickly started losing weight, I was happier, more motivated, my cravings for carbs and sweets stopped at 2 weeks! I was feeling full all day!

Literally I couldn’t believe that this simple, delicious ZipSlim® drink twice a day could do all that! Secret no more…it’s the real deal ♥️

I was ready to share my success because it really works! I wanted others to feel the way I did.♥️

The 9 Reboot Rituals are an amazing tool to keep us all on track and checking in throughout the day with our motivated group of ladies who makes a world of difference in our success!

My current weight loss is 26.6 pounds… my goal is 30 pounds.

Thank you to everyone that had a part in creating this amazing product that is helping so many live a fitter, healthier & happier life.

💟I’m beyond grateful!💟

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Before to Beyond Stories